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Guided tours

We do tailermade trips and events for turists, companies and organisations. Send a mail to or contakt Line Bram Pedersen + 45 30 34 20 96.

Guided tour in the vibrant neighbourhood of Nørrebro

Enjoy a guided tour to the vibrant and green parts of Nørrebro, Copenhagen. Here we'll meet ambitious green initiatives, passionate people, the municipality and green companies that all try to create a greener daily life for the people of Copenhagen.

In Nørrebro we will experience the city's busiest bike lane, the green biking path and lots of sustainable concepts like urban farming, city bees, green shops and modern city planning. In a perfects symphony, these initiatives combine the multicultural atmosphere with sustainability and joy of life. More info:


Green bike trip, Ørestaden8tal Image_by_Jens_Lindhe

On this trip we'll experience a new part of town that has been under an ongoing development during the past 10 years. Ørestaden is called the tie because of the long, slender shape - about 6 km.

City development, architecture, infrastructure, domiciles, development of new communities, new and old and the transition from the countryside to the city is in focus. More info


Green bike trip in CopenhagenBonderen 931C.ashx

Jump on the bike and let our professional guide take you to green roofs, bike initiatives, Copenhagen harbour, green initiatives and sustainable architecture. Did you know that the City of Copenhagen wants to be the first CO2 neutral capital in the world? On the tour you will get new understandings, see green innovative project and get inspired by Copenhagen's green strategy.

The trip can end with an organic lunch or cocktail to get a taste of Copenhagen. More info


The Bicycle Route from the AirportDen Grønne Cykelsti

Just imagine riding a bicycle straight from the airport. That is actually possible in the bicycle city of Copenhagen. Check your luggage with the baggage-service to the hotel and jump on the bike - why not begin your true Copenhagen bicycle experience as soon as you've landed?

On the trip from the airport to the city you'll get to experience how the Copenhageners live. We'll get to ride with a lovely mix of contemporary architecture, beautiful beaches, the marina, allotment gardens, football fields, urban gardening and industry. More info